Monadnock Music

Classical Music Outreach

Monadnock Music has had a long history of community development, music education for youth, and home-grown events. Co-founder Jocelyn Bolle created a unique family atmosphere through the social engagements surrounding Jim Bolle's programming. We treasure that spirit. Bringing back staples of our organization like the Picnic Basket Auction and Holiday Events are a priority as we continue to develop and grow our community.

Monadnock Music is more than just the music. We believe our efforts can change the quality of life in our community when we come together in celebration of music and share it with our children.

Supported by:

Von Weber Trust   Smyth Trust   Memton Fund   Getty Foundation   Getz Charitable Trust   Grimshaw Gudewicz Foundation   Eppes‑Jefferson Foundation   Amphion Foundation   Alchemy Foundation   Merrill Family Charitable Fund   Boote Fund   Hoffman Family Foundation